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Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump

Disability & Depression

Use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and narrative therapy to explore the triggers of mild, moderate, and severe depression along with spiritual exercises (scriptures, meditation, prayer, songs, encouragement, etc.) to manage depression.

Model Wearing Sunglasses

Anger Management

Use narrative therapy to explore your life experiences that may influence your anger and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and Christian counseling (scriptures, prayer, meditation, songs, encouragement, and self-talk) to evaluate and change your thinking patterns to manage your anger.

Sign Language Course

Gang Involvement

Use existential therapy to evaluate who you are in your own perspective and who God made you to be.  Also, use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to alleviate any faulty beliefs the environment may have created throughout your life.

Bride and Groom

Marriage & Family Counseling

Use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to determine the impact, thoughts and behaviors have on each partner or family member. Also, use narrative therapy and Christian counseling to evaluate how the enemy is trying to divide each member in an attempt to improve each member’s relationship.

Sporty Teens

Sports Counseling

Use narrative therapy to explore your career in sports and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to evaluate your concerns with your well-being, mental functioning, and physical performance as an athlete.​ Promote spiritual exercises (meditation, prayer, faith building, etc.) to overcome performance anxiety and depression. 

Bible Lesson

Christian Counseling

A focus on helping clients achieve a better understanding of themselves and their relationship to God while using counseling concepts to overcome anxiety, depression, grief, problems in their relationships, and past/present trauma.

Service Rates

Counseling session fees start at $200.00 per session

(45 minutes) for individuals or couples.


Contact for group rates as they can vary based upon the number of people in the group.

Supervision fees are $75 per session (45 minutes) for individuals and $65 per session for groups.


Fees should be paid at the beginning of the appointment

in the form of Zelle or cash. 

Insurances accepted: Aetna, Cigna, Oxford Life Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Healthcare.

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