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Place The
Wrong Pieces in
Their Rightful Places

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Sir Pegues, Creating A Difference seeks to improve mental health with a faith based and spiritual approach. Our mission is to increase hope within each client by providing insight and a different perspective. Here at Creating A Difference, our intention is to place the wrong pieces in their rightful places to improve your wellbeing. Creating A Difference emphasizes helping others not only find happiness and peace but to sustain it long term by providing tools to do so.

Homework Help
Playing Basketball
Reading Outdoors

Habits that develop character and accountability for a more improved society. The power to educate, teach, and learn begins within the homes. 

Health and wellness through physical fitness is fundamental. It can improve energy, release endorphins to make you feel happy and reduce the risk of major illnesses.  

Leisure that allows us to enjoy free time away from work, school, chores and social internet. Leisure empowers us to have freedom and create choices. It is the quality of experience and involvement.


Insurances Accepted

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